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About PES4Kits

Despite the fact that Konami have come out with an enhanced version of Pro Evolution Soccer every other year, we still believe in classics! For us, Pro Evolution Soccer 4 is and will always be a classic we will love forever and we will be bringing you the latest PES 4 Kits to you till forever and more.

We are passionate about football and despite our questionable knowledge of Photoshop (we are learning every day!), you will find the latest PES 4 kits here all the time.


85 Responses to "About PES4Kits"

I’d love if you could also make the national team shirts for the biggest national teams!

Jolt, we’ll try our best to get some spanking new national kits very soon. Any ones you looking for in particular? I’m sure England would be a popular choice 😉

Major ones: Spain, Portugal, France, England, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Brazil and Argentina.

I must say I didn’t actually manage to install these…

Can you post a clear tutorial on how to install these into PES 4?

Thanx Jolt.

I’ll get my one-man-team working on these national kits. Also great idea with the tutorial. You’ll get to see one very soon!

Loving the PES4 updates glad people still want to keep this going. PES4 is easily the best of the series anyway how do I upload these new kits into the game? Your feedback would be most appreciated!

Ashton, what’s not to love about PES4! We’ll carry on with PES 4 updates till the day they wear kits in soccer(I like to call it football,though) 😉

Can somebodey post an option file ?

Hi Ognjen19,
We’ll be glad to post some options files..anything in particular you are looking for?

I woud like some 2010 Option files,if somebodey Have it upload it and give me the link, i will promis to make Exselent OF,of it.

Soory !!! for my bad enghlish I am from Serbia

My first reply post is not good this is what i wanted to ask for : Can someone upload an new option file that is made this year,and post an link

plz. and is there kitserver who can work with 640×480 resolution.

Hey Ognjen,

Your English is excellent (almost as good as Vidic’s defending!) I think I understand what you need so use the link below to download our Option file:

Let us know if this works out!

Tanke you it is exsellent jus the faces are mest up but i will fix it

Grasias Amigo
Tanke you again.

Hey Ognjen,

You are welcome anytime. What country are you from? We’d love to create some new national team kits so looking for suggestions!

I am from Serbia,in a mounth i will post a optionfile on 2shared

Ognjen, you could always mail us the option file at We’d share it with all PES 4 lovers on this blog, would be greatly appreciated. 🙂

Sorry i did not post option file becauze mu sistem krushed,and it has a virus that anebels me to instal pes 4.

Hey Ognjen19,

Sad to hear about the system crashing. Hope you get back to PS 4 soon!

how to install this pes4 kits?

Use kitserver and obacamans we pes editor.

you need to have kitserver

PLEASE make the man u away kit

Sorry i meant the goal keeper kit

Sure! Coming very soon to this blog near you 😉

Could you get the man u goalkeeper kits or the tottenham kit you have in the man city match

Bob, first of all, let me apologize for my indiscretion to your posts. My one man team was not fit enough to keep up with the blog but now we’re back to full fitness. You will get the Man U Goal Keeper kits and the Spurs home kit coming to the blog in the next 2-3 days. Thank you for your interest and do let us know if there are any other kits you’re interested in or you’ve yourself made.

I have made pes 4 manchester united possible 2012 blue and black hoops kit if you are interested.
Email me at

Please can you post tottenham kit

Yuanted, We’ll post the Tottenham kit in the next couple of days. Thanx for the post, do let us know if there are any other you’re interested in 😉

Yuanted, the Tottenham Home kit is now available. Enjoy!

Sijit,my sistem is now ok,and i instaled pes 4.
I got 1 option file but it has only important clubs
and if you want we can transfer this site,to another location on ucoz ?
and give me a link for kiteditor.

Great to hear that you’re back, buddy! I’ll post the necessary links soon.

Guys i finaly maded my 2 first kit packs uploading soon

Ognjen, we are real proud of you. If you want us to put up your kits on our blog, drop us a mail with the details at Looking forward to more kits, Ognjen. You’d be a kit master soon 😉

it is schalke 04 kit , serbian nacional and partizan
download link on my,storage site.

Next spurs GK 1 and 2

Amazing work, Ognjen. Great job for your first kits. Loved the Schalke ones especially 🙂 The website is amazing too!

Sorry i cant make spurs gk i will make home and away,i ask stujit to make gk kits.


The Man United GK kits are ready. Once I have them uploaded here, we’ll get started on the Spurs GK kits.

I doned spurs home and away i will post download on my site.
P.S i use Faststone,Picasa and MS Paint.
Wich program you use Sijit ?

Still waiting!
How long does it take to upload??
Partizan and Red Star kits converted to pes 4 format.

ognjen19 i LOVE your kits

Thanks bob
I will make something for you just say.

Can you make manchester united 2009 goalkeeper kits (yellow and blue) as i have been lookin EVERYWHERE
Spurs home and away kit

Next Barca GK and blue kit

Sijit can you upload addbords to the site ?


Not sure which of the ad-boards you are looking for..any specific ones?

You know scharp,amstel adidas champion leuage.
Just upload german and italian adboards ok ?

Would it be possible for you to put various badge designs on such as premier league ,Champions league.If poddible


First things first, we have just finished making the Man United Goalkeeper kits(Yellow and Blue) 🙂 They will be online this weekend.

Secondly, Congratulations on the awesome website, if Sir Alex comes looking for any kit he cant remember, i’m sure he’ll find it on your website 😉

Thirdly,in response to your question above, are you looking for kits with the badges added on them or do you want them separately?

i would like a kit which is all transparent apart from badges so that i can merge them.You would just have to make premier league and champions league


could you try to make the new manchester united pes 4 black 2011 2012 goalkeeper is pretty simple i just cannot find it anywhere

OK it is easy,but it is not all black, it has a bit brown sleeves.

Bob/ Ongjen,

The Man United Goalkeeper kits(Yellow and Blue) are ready 🙂 They will be online this weekend. We appreciate your patience!

Sijit where are manchester united goalkeeper kits??

bob i done it
Man.United Away gk:
next? 🙂

would it be possible for you to add the green funny pattern under arms
picture here


sigit i give said on the 8th of may that they would be up soon.the date is now the first of june.I mean come on.I actually believed you would make them
*hb*+17 *hb* ;(+15

sigit i give said on the 8th of may that they would be up soon.the date is now the first of june.I mean come on.I actually believed you would make them



Wait bob i will teach you how to make kits,i will try to make green patern.For kits you will need:
PES 4 Grafick Studio for finding and exporting kits from 0_text.afs.
And MS Paint for editing it is so easy,after your 3 kit you will be kit wizard.

Ognjen 19 could you mae the 2010 to 2011 manchester united goalkeepr kits.I ave been waiting since February.:(



I doned away but funny texture i did not doned yet,i will make home kit for a day or 2

Gays i have a project,of my own and i am asking for help.
Project is a new patch 2011/2012 and i named it: “We are Back”
Project will chage: Option file,kits,faces,bals,menus,adbords,stadioums,suporter flags and much more….
Cuz my net is slow i will not post large files no larger from 12 mb.
I call all to help,and please do your promises on time .
We can also use PES5 and PES6 kits in PES4,wiht a few changes.
I am serching for max 4 editors+me.
First we will make nationals kits,flags and squads

I have an awesome kitserver with lots of kits I can email you

bob do you wish to be part of a team?
I am making a site for patch creation,first we will do all kits and then flags and optionfile.

ognjen if you can deal with rar files I can send otherwise it is too big

Ok send just nacions,i am a rar wizard,gather some nacional squads and post them on site forum

Bob please don’t give me mega upload,save it on we are back.Sorry i was of cuz i was playing PES 10,and after all PES 4 rules.We coud change referies.
Sijit i will send you deuflat referie kits OK ?
And i maded suporter chants for Man United and Bayern Munch.

For bob: register and i will give you upload rights onli nacional rimember
Referi kits can be changed by PES 4 Grafick studios,i insert my kits by Grafic Studio.

thank you sijit!!

A pleasure, Bob. As always 🙂

Sijit your new kits are 256 you did it,but Man United Home 2011/2012 is not,please try to make 256 color kit.

could you upload a 2011-2012 option file with transfers up to current such as David de Geas- manchester united,ashley young -manchester united etc

ps could you get rid of the stupid hairdo’s such as a shark please

what’s happened?! I NEED KITS!

When you will going to realese chelsea away and gk kit for pes 4??

What happened?

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